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June 2019 – number of drowning: over 100!

New year, new summer, new holiday. Unfortunately, as I read every day in the press, it turns out to be the last holiday and the last summer for many. Is there no other way to appear in the media? After all, you can become a hero in a completely different way than being portrayed as „an irresponsible 25-year-old who, according to witnesses’; accounts, was a participant in a party on the shore of a lake drenched in alcohol”

This morning, on the way to work, I even experienced a collision with repeated information: „only yesterday, four drownings”. . . It’s only in Lower Silesia. . . And a loud, equally tragic event, concerning teenagers from the Baltic Sea. If we count 6 drowning cases (from one weekend only), then – sitting at school, at work or even at home in the company of 8 people – think that in one moment some of these people lose their lives! How many incidents have not been reported in the media? I don’t know. I don’t know. And yet it’s so obvious, clear, loud and above all tragic.

They write, speak, preach, produce films, arousing the horror of drowning itself, and situations are repeated in the same way. Have we not yet matured to the awareness that such events can affect each of us? Isn’t the commentary, which tells us in detail about the physiology of drowning, frightening enough? It’s like the brain is working consciously and knows it’s sinking, but there’s nothing it can do about it. I’m personally frightened by this awareness. You can understand the tragedy of an accident on the water, but individual self-destruction, entering into death, I will not understand.

Reading piles of articles, out of pure curiosity, about bathing events, I see a plus, and it is not a pessimistic cross, but a hope, optimism: "The 40 year old saved was taken to hospital”;. – alive! Somebody did it! Somebody’s tempted to risk his life to pull this "swimmer”; out. Such situations are shaping a growing "network”; of Superheroes of these sad stories. Is it hard to get the courage to jump into the water, in your clothes, seeing the sinking man? Usually the reward is the satisfaction of action, of saving.

As part of the events that take place on our beaches, we as 4Help VR participate in beach projects, giving you the opportunity to gain knowledge that builds confidence, the necessary courage, in helping. We teach, instill knowledge, consolidate it in a virtual, safe, reality, so that you know how to save and help. During a few minutes of a very practical session, you can play the role of a rescuer. Check, experience. Is it worth a try? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you have to? Definitely!

Come, enjoy the free play in virtual reality. Look how much you can do, and will you have enough courage? That’s right. . . courage is the basis! If you run out of it to try and test your skills while practicing and maybe learn, will you have enough courage to jump into the water after the sinking in reality?

The public’s interest in this subject is, unfortunately, still moderate and the commitment of our instructors is at the highest level: perfectly prepared equipment, tents and an exciting atmosphere. You decide for yourself, is it worth it? Come on, check it out.