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First Aid VR Events

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First Aid in VR

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We supported WOŚP

In 2019, we supported the 27th final of The Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy by promoting the need to train in First Aid and we strongly encouraged education in the Virtual World 4 Help VR.



During our events

1. We provide 4 VR Help
We provide 4 Help VR software and equipment needed to organize the event.
2. You will receive complex service
We will provide the event with appropriate rescue and technical personnel. You do not have to hire any extra people.
3. We will prepare a zone for the 4 Help VR simulator
We will take care of the space: number of stands, tent, mats and other marketing materials.
4. We will implement a custom workshop program
We have highly advanced skills in organizing events that integrate people. We place great emphasis on elements of fun and gamification. We engage and involve participants in training, because we want them to improve their skills and experience something extraordinary.


Superhero attraction

The Superhero is very encouraging to educate children and adults. Our virtual coach, Paramedicus, trains participants, and makes them realize that each of us can become a Superhero.
Our virtual coach is a reliable magnet for attracting new Superheroes.

The use

The First Aid Event with 4 Help VR is perfect

Picnics, family and sports events

It is amazing that on our 4 Help VR simulator, the youngest are also learning and playing. Through events for children or families, we want to educate Superheroes from an early age.

Events and industry party

Wherever an worker is employed, first aid training should be conducted . As a rule, it is standard, and the 4 Help VR program guarantees a combination of education and integration, great fun and gamification. By the way, realizing that each of us is a potential Superhero.

Addition to pro-health conferences, fairs, health promotion

For larger events related to promoting health and the idea of saving lives. The event with the 4 Help VR program is a variety, enriching and reminding of how important is our own and another person’s health and life at the time of an occurrance or accident.

Enhance your event
Have fun and educate with 4 Help VR

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