Innovation in First Aid training


We transferred the first aid training to the virtual world. It gives an invaluable experience of saving life to the injured person and increases the feeling of self-confidence in the real life-threatening situation.
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Virtual Reality is image, sound, space and touch, the whole "closed" in the world of technology. By testing different situations in the virtual world using 4 Help VR, the participant gains the advantage at the moment of real occurrences.
Virtual reality allows you to reflect the conditions prevailing at the scene of the incident and this without any negative side effects of made mistakes. You train, consolidate and acquire new skills, thus strengthening your self-confidence and reducing stress.

Training program
First Aid 4 Help VR

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Uses innovative technological solution

Basing on its operation on specialized and synchronized with our software equipment with high technical parameters.

It recreates the life-threatening situation

It virtually transfers the user to a fictitious place of the occurrence, there is a victim on the street who needs help.

It monitors the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Due to our proprietary sensor placed in the mannequin and a precise instructional and educational algorithm, the participant has the opportunity to correctly learn how to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

It raises and educates the participant's practical skills

Experiencing and following the instructions teaches the user the correct operation in an analogous situation in the real world. Synchronization of image and sound and kinesthetics allows to meet training needs at various recipients.

Virtual coach is a teacher

In participant's virtual world the training is conducted by coach - Paramedicus, who points step by step what should be done. The instructions are communicated by gests, inscription, and also sounds effect. Nice voice of Paramedicus calmly explains, what and when should be done.

It educates and entertains

Virtual world, script and gamifacation elements give unforgettable moments and guarantee good fun, and at the same time participants acquire knowledge of such important issue, which is first aid in emergency situations.

Virtual coach

My name is Paramedicus and I am virtual coach in 4 Help VR

My name "Paramedicus" comes from latin and it means "rescuer" . During 4 Help VR training I will be your guide, mentor, coach and friend.
I will show you step by step, how to save human life. We will go together trough all phase of the training.

What can You learn with 4 HELP VR?

The 4 Help VR program is primarily about gaining practical skills.
Due to the carefully selected script, the combination of advanced technology and our proprietary sensor mounted in the phantom, the participant EXPERIENCES saving the life of the injured person.
We have three scenarios for your disposition, that form a complete training of 45 minutes.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation using an automated external defibrillator

Lateral position - dealing with an unconscious person

Life-threatening conditions - how to help a person in an accident

4 steps with 4 Help VR to become a Superhero

Jump into virtual world to save human life

Saving lives may be stressful, but 4 Help VR adds confidence through experience and a specially selected training script, increases triggers and reflects the real situation from the real world. You come from a training with confidence and practical skills.


Put goggles on

Put specialized VR goggles on and jump into virtual world. Our software brings you away to the place of accident, very realistic, you must act quick and help suffered.


Follow the instructions

You get clear instructions, they guide you through the training step by step. Paramedicus will be your support all the time. Follow his instructions and learn.


Save life

Follow the Pamardicus’s instructions and achieve priceless experience. You will save life of injured person in virtual world and become a Superhero.


Get the best score

Verify what you have learned by going through a virtual exam in which, without the help of Paramedicus, you will be able to test your skills.


of participants of the 4 Help VR course

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Acquisition of practical life-saving skills

Complete training in a short time

Support of the onboarding process

Low unit cost of training

Maintaining hygiene standards

Learning without having to stop the work process

Technical aspects of 4 Help VR

Image quality

High image quality and resolution 2160x1200px and frequency of refreshing 90HZ guarantee comfort for eyes.

Precise tracking

Extremely precise tracking of the head movement thanks to 32 sensors placed on the goggles.

Comfort of using

Matching headbands, stably maintain the goggles on the face, without causing pressure that may affect the pleasure of using the device.

Eye- field

Large field of view - FOV (about 110 degrees) obtained due to tweaked design and large lenses.

See part of the 4 Help VR
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