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The Great Orchiestra of Christmas Charity

Christmas is over. However, you can feel the special atmosphere in the air, the festive atmosphere. I’d like to say orchestral. Every minute its density is more noticeable. Here comes the great machine of good that we are part of. People with good hearts gather in crowds in city centres all over Poland to celebrate together, listen to music and throw a few pennies at the kids. The others stay in front of the TVs, following the current events. There’s no one on that day who hasn’t met a volunteer with a tin can stuck with a distinctive heart.

It’s quite a cold morning on January 12th, 2020. From our headquarters in Wrocław, teams of people who play good in their hearts have long since set off on their journey. Three bands and three cities. Similarly to last year, we have set up our VR positions in the headquarters of the GOCC in Kraków, Wrocław and Warsaw.

Although about the Finale, most of us have already forgotten about the well-known “wośpowa”; melody. We’re very happy to come back to these moments. With every piece of news we are proud of this event, that once again we had a chance to play. We are also proud as Poles united on this special day.

115,362,894 although the counting continues. That’s the record amount we can brag about today. On average, it is slightly more than 3 PLN per inhabitant of this country. However, as we know, the Orchestra plays all over the world. It doesn’t seem like much, but the sum is powerful. The goal of this year’s 28th Final is, of course, very good and fits in with our mission – to purchase equipment that saves the lives of children.

My personal reflection.

Since I was a child, I remember when, until 11:00 p. m. in front of the TV, I watched events broadcast from the studio from Warsaw and all over Poland. As a medical rescue student in Łódź, my contact with WOŚP has become more tangible. I especially remember the pediatrics class at the Children’s Hospital at the Disputable. Almost every bed of this ward, trolley, incubator, pump, ventilator and many, many other medical equipment was marked with a logo in the form of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’s Heart. This asexual looking, gray or beige, nothing like home made medical equipment known to us changed its characteristics. He was becoming more friendly with this logo. And it is not about the red colour of the GOCC logo. But more so because it was possible to buy it out of the goodness of other people’s hearts. My admiration was aroused by the number of clearly "holy”; hearts. I had an impression that this whole hospital was founded by the WOŚP. Maybe only the squalid building was state-owned.

So we’re on. We teach with our VR system to save lives. The centres of these magnificent cities were filled to the brim with people who visited our tents with lively interest. Despite the cold, everyone was very smiling and happy. The Christmas atmosphere of the Orchestra’s full-blown fire is given to everyone.

See you next year!