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We play with the GOCC in the 28th Final!

There’s no turning back. The machine’s moving. The 28 fianls of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity are coming in great steps.

What does that mean?

 The power of good, which will be done by millions of Poles already on 12 January 2020. By playing, taking part in concerts and throwing money into cans we support this year’s goal for which the Orchestra plays. The target? Of course, buying the latest technology to save children’s lives.

 What are we doing here?

This year’s finale and collection for life-saving equipment is an extremely close issue. 4 HELP VR from the 27th final in 2019 educates people how to help those affected. About 3,500 people had the opportunity to benefit from our programme in 2019. It’s wonderful how technology can be of service to man. That is why our training 4 HELP VR will bravely serve all Poles on the 28th Final.


This is going to be an intense weekend full of excitement. You will find us in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Plock.

 Do not hesitate to join our events. Inform and invite your relatives and friends. Together we’ll do more good.

Visit us on:

https://www. facebook. com/4helpvr/;

You’re curious to know what happened last year. Watch this movie. Get on our channel on Youtube.