Blog, Paramedicus in action

What is a 4 Help VR training course?

„We play different roles in life, but it may turn out that the most important of them will be the role of the RESCUER”.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, you can see for yourself how your psyche will behave in a real life-threatening situation.

How does it work?

You take part in the training and use VR goggles. In a few seconds you move to virtual reality, where a virtual trainer, Paramedicus, is waiting for you. It will guide you step by step through the entire training process. Suddenly there is a person in need of help – that’s our goal – to save live. To see what you need to do, he shows you the instructions and you follow his instructions.

Step by step

Step by step you check the condition of the victim, then proceed to first aid. Sensors placed in both, the goggles and the mannequin, monitor the quality of resuscitation.

What are the benefits of training with 4 Help VR?

In addition to the basic techniques of first aid, the participant learns to control his/her own emotions in a situation of danger. It’s very important! Experience will help you better manage to recreate the rules of conduct in your memory, and you will gain confidence in your own ability to provide first aid in the real world.