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Training program - First Aid in Virtual Reality


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It uses innovative technology solutions

It illustrates real situation of life threat

It raises and educates the of practice skills of participant

It entertains and focuses the attention



Our philosophy

The experience enhances self- confidence

The latest research on virtual reality proves that if we experience something in an unreal world, then next time our attitude in the real world will be more confident, the reaction to the threat will be faster and the action will be more effective.
The triggers that are generated in the virtual world are perceived by our brain as real. This translates directly to the level of emotions, and the experience gained due to new skills. All this without any side effects.

400  k

Unexpected cardiac arrests among Europeans in 2018

350  k

Cardiac arrests cases away from hospital

35  k

People survived the cardiac arrests, i.e. one in 10 person

100  k

Chances to save life if cardiopulmonary resuscitation had been undertaken

Undertaking rescue actions by witnesses of the occurrence may cause a 2-3 times increase in survivability.
Our course helps educate Superheroes.


Our mission

Together, we reach further

We prepare a complete training system in which technology serves human beings. Our solution allows you to achieve a higher level of knowledge acquisition and skills. We reach further, engaging the body and mind, which affects the quality of emergency services, and this translates into a chance of survival of the injured people.

We supported WOŚP

In 2019, we supported the 27th final of The Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy by promoting the need to train in First Aid and we strongly encouraged education in the Virtual World 4 Help VR.



First VR Help training program raises practical skills to save lives

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