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The application of virtual reality in industry

I cannot imagine today that any company, within the framework of a new venture, without performing simulations, calculations and low-budget or completely costless trials, starts to carry out the project. Any failure, due to a huge number of factors, could be so costly that it would lead to the closure of the company. The largest corporations have long benefited from the improvements resulting from functioning in virtual reality. How much safer it is for companies as entities and for builders to see what is to be created by implementing various options, solutions, entering data and gradually replacing structural elements before the actual start of the project. This is the best time to verify and make mistakes – or basically to eliminate them – which in turn leads to a complete minimisation of the margin of error.

In the age of a booming economy, there is no time or place for irregularities, shortcomings and implementations without prior checking. Many solutions are prepared only virtually, with the support of VR technology. Once unimaginable simulations and design of an office building, a bridge, an ordinary bearing or even a new ergonomic shovel holder, which will make it better, more economical and safer, today become a real and integral part of the preparation.

At present, there is no economic sector that could not use VR solutions in its field, at many stages of implementation of plans and projects. The construction, seeing how a given element or structure actually looks like, gives a feeling of even more complete knowledge. It’s not just 3D projections, animations, which until recently seemed to be the maximum reflection of reality. Today, thanks to VR technology, you can be involved in each of the smallest elements of the production process, modifying and developing it on an ongoing basis.

There are already car dealerships in operation, where selected vehicle models can be seen in VR technology. This is certainly very impressive, and does not generate the costs associated with the physical insertion of the vehicle into the living room. These are only examples that best show how widespread today’s application of this technology, no longer innovative, but constantly improving, is.

 The potential of VR technology is almost immeasurable. You can imagine what costs can be generated by performing several hundred technological tests of a product or process. In VR technology it is only a matter of having not so expensive equipment and applications, in which the specialist can freely configure events and actions. The VR technology we focus on allows us to go the long and costly way from idea to execution without pre-production losses. And we, as 4Help VR, are the link in this industry. We produce Superheroes, building awareness, courage and determination in the actions of people who live around us every day. Everyone can try it and gain knowledge, skills, and most importantly, can make mistakes in the area where there is least room for mistakes.