Blog, Paramedicus in action

Paramedicus in the Motopomocni action.

The next motorcycle season 2020 is coming up. Paramedicus enters the action traveling around Poland with Motopomocni group. Many cities on the map of Poland, where the Motopomocni group has already hosted, were selected for the competition.

Currently, we already know a list of 15 cities where Safe and Powerful Motorcyclists will be trained. The trainings last 7 hours and are free of charge. You will learn, among other things, how to help a person injured in a traffic accident or how to travel safely on a motorcycle. A safe and motorcycle rider is a person aware of the dangers and equipped with complete first aid knowledge.

This is where Paramedicus, the virtual trainer of 4 HELP VR, comes into action. This year with new training scenarios in VR, where each trainee can take on the role of a rescuer and undertake rescue operations.

 Remember, you can become a Superhero too. Join us and learn to give first aid.

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