Pulse Point Canada

At the heart of life saving...

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune skills, support safety efforts or stay on top of Ministry of Labour requirements, Pulse Point Canada gives individuals and professional responders all the tools they need.
Our course offering empowers students to identify, prevent and respond to emergencies. We give students the knowledge, training and confidence to recognize and respond to any situation and help influence the outcome. Our courses combine theory, practice, and interactive scenario training to engage students and enhance their learning experience.

Control LIFE

First Aid under Control

Implementation of an important mission. Unconventional approach. Competent staff.
Our mission is to raise employees' awareness of safe work, as well as to make them aware of the role of social rescue and the need to provide first aid.

We are focused on organizing valuable trainings, where theory meets practice. We spare no resources on their organization. Thanks to this, our trainings are long remembered by the participants themselves.

The team of our specialists is a qualified team working with passion and commitment, putting the heart in all implemented activities.

BHP Consulting

Plan. Collaborate. Analyze. Respect

BHP Consulting is a supplier of outsourcing services supported by deep knowledge and a long experience. This is an invaluable capital, allowing us to fully understand the individual needs and expectations of customers and effectively fulfil our mission. Since its establishment BPH Consulting is open to customer needs, emphasizing the highest quality and efficiency of services, so that they would effectively indicate the safety improvement in companies. With our knowledge and unique experience we want to promote a culture of safety. The culture of safety of employers and employees.


Promotion of active citizenship

We are an organization that focuses its activities on the territory of the Olsztyn district and the city of Olsztyn. We are a member of the Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades of Poland.

We carry out activities in the field of fire protection, rescue and general safety, support various forms of cultural and educational work, promote the historical achievements of the fire fighting movement, develop artistic and sports activities in volunteer fire brigades. Our activities include the organization of training for members of volunteer fire brigades, organization of training and workshops for members of Youth Fire Teams, prevention and preventive activities among local society.

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