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Almost everyone has probably forgotten about holidays…

Almost everyone has probably forgotten about the holidays. I say "almost”;. because we remember every moment of that period. We did something amazing! First of all for you, but also great for us. We took part in a big project, a holiday venture. Have you heard about "Słoneczna station”; Polsat? We were there too, every time, from the first meeting on the Baltic Sea to the last closing event. For 7 weekends we were with you in Kołobrzeg, Ustron Morski, Jarosławiec, Hel, Olsztyn, Jantar and Stegna. It was great everywhere, despite the not always perfect weather, we met many wonderful people who were willing to share their experiences, often shocking when it comes to first aid.

The data we have collected about this event is shocking for us, on just one day of the event the sunny station was visited by nearly four and a half thousand people – older, younger and the youngest. Each of them had a chance to try their hand at our virtual reality and in the climate of the beach, the noise of the sea to save man.

Cooperation on many levels with a huge number of people, whom we thank once again gave us a feeling of a very well done job. The commitment of the whole team has confirmed our conviction that what we do is good! By the way, we had a great time with you too.

The accompanying companies, such as Polkomtel (PLUS), PZU, TOPR, WOPR, and 4H, made sure that no one missed attractions, surprises and, of course, gadgets for the youngest. Among the many activities and actions that cannot be described, let me distinguish the ones that were the most biting in terms of interest to the organizers: "Niestraszki PZU”; (Polish United States Volleyball Association), games for the youngest, advice and prophylactic tests in the field of dermatology and physiotherapy for all those interested, beach volleyball, game and play tournaments and our modest VR tent.

What was that for? Well, maybe next season we shouldn’t be worried about the number of drownings, to improve the statistics of civic attitudes in giving first aid, to instil in the youngest the need to give first aid, to help.

 All the days when you were on the beach with us from the very beginning to the last participant, we did everything to make you feel safe not only with us on the beach, where there is a lifeguard or an instructor on all sides, but always when you come back from holiday, in your own home, at work or at school.