First Aid Course VR

Program for learning First Aid

Technological VR solution

more effective training

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4 HELP VR program is innovative training solution. Due to it your  first aid training will be more realistic, engaging and prestigious.  Each training has individual approach.  Your coach – Paramedicus – accompanies you in virtual world and gives you as much attention as you need in particular moment.

We introduce you future tool supporting your business trough increase safety of your company and engagement of your workers.

We have at your disposal 3 scenarios, forming a complete 45-minute training.

Scenario 1: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation using an automated external defibrillator

– safety at the scene

– a call for help

– Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

– use of an Automatic External Defibrillator in CPR

Scenario 2: Lateral position - dealing with an unconscious person

– safety at the scene

– placing the injured person in a safe position

– vital signs monitoring

Scenario 3: Life-threatening conditions - how to help a person in an accident

– safety at the scene

– fractures, hemorrhages

– stab wounds in the chest

– head damage

– SAMPLE interview

Use the 4 Help VR program and gain more self- confidence in the real world

What does the First Aid 4 Help VR give you?

Innovative and effective wrokshops program

Better quality of course

Distinguishing from the oppositions

Modernizing the training and image of your company

Our offer

What do we give you?

1. 4 Help VR software
4 Help VR is our proprietary solution based on software and technological advanced equipment. Training program is matched to size of the group.
2. Know - how
You get support from our trainers during system implementation in your company. We know almost everything about our system so in case of any problems take look at FAQ.
3. Technical support
We guarantee support during the time of your licence. Do you know, that about 2000 people have already used our solution? Due to this our system is serviceless. Soon, the whole will be served by the internet platform.
4. Mage position equipment
We know how important the image of your company is, so we will take care of it for you. Depending on the chosen model of cooperation, you will receive from us marketing materials, which consist of a wall and floor with a logo.
5. Marketing support
Are you running or organizing an event? Let us know about it and we will help you increase the reach of your event. Jump onto our map of licensees, making it easier for you to sell, access customers and solutions from your area.
6. Clear payoff rulet
You buy the system's working time from us, and we settle on a per-minute basis. We have several business models.

VR Equipment for 4 Help VR

To service our software you need:

  • gaming computer
  • goggles
  • mannequin
  • sensors


Benefits coming from cooperation with 4 Help VR

Training development

We are constantly developing 4 Help VR with new scripts and gamification. Cooperating with us, you will activate and develop your training while educating and playing in VR technology

Financing of equipment

As part of the partner program, we support you in financing computer equipment needed in training based on virtual technology. We offer attractive leasing offers from our trusted partners

Increase the profitability of your business

The implementation of VR will revolutionize your training and increase their quality. Due to VR technology you will increase the number of business partners, and with the development of our 4 Help VR simulator, you will also enrich your offer for current customers

Change the image of your training for VR
and reach further

Join to 4 Help VR