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4HELP VR in figures.

Well, the moment has come to share some numbers that determine the selected period of action 4 HELP VR on the market, not only in Poland

Why this moment? And that with the 27th final of GOCC in 2019, 4 Help VR was born showing its high-tech good. On 12 January 2020 with the next final of the Orchestra we celebrated our year of functioning (first number). I would like to say: how nice it is for the Foundation to have prepared such a beautiful birthday for us by organizing a nationwide event.

1 year is 12 months of hard work, lots of sleepless nights, many kilometers covered, hectoliters of drunk coffee, hours of conversation, hundreds of phone charges, dozens of meetings and . . . And that’s what? The answer is simple: 3,500 people trained with 4 HELP VR training! Can you consider this a success? Probably not. However, if one of these people saves at least one life thanks to our solution, the success is enormous. This is the goal we set ourselves at the beginning of our journey. In our everyday working life we call ourselves the SUPERBOHATERS factory. This is also our mission, which all members know by heart by promoting, among the trainees, the behaviors and values attributed to the Marvel cartoon characters. Our goal was achieved, but it is a story for a completely separate chapter.

I promised it would be in numbers.

3500 people, 50 % of whom are 31-40 years old. The lion’s share of the whole thing is kids. The youngest child is 5-year-old Marysia, who did all the work without any mistakes. I was impressed to get my jaw off the floor. To record this moment, we recorded a short material with Mom to learn more about this Little Wonder Woman. Senior citizens, who are not afraid of modern toys, are also doing well with the program. The oldest Seniorita was 68 years old, which she made a brilliant result of 82% indicating a high level of quality in rescue operations. These briefly described user demographics show the versatility of our training at VR. We are very happy to reach out to undiscovered superheroes. It turns out that for the question asked: When you last took part in the First Aid training, as many as 29. 17 respondents chose the answer "Never”;. UPS! I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty impressive. This is a huge number of people who statistically (statistically – the best documented lie) can face the need for first aid and fulfil their social role as rescuers.

The correct knowledge of the RKO numerical algorithm was praised by 90. 28% of respondents. We checked it out. The result is satisfactory if only a statistical error or misunderstanding of the word cardiopulmonary resuscitation algorithm is taken into account. I believe the percentage would be higher then.

99% of people recommend our solution to their families. In the loose question of what you liked the most we received many answers such as the whole training, Paramedicus (our virtual trainer). However, the realism of VR training appeared most often. This was also the aim of the virtual reality to play the role of a rescuer and face the victim. In VR such a phenomenon is called imersia (from Imergo Latin – immersion). It is thanks to this phenomenon that the impact of the virtual environment on the human being is so exciting and strong, and at the same time gives very good educational, therapeutic or training effects. In our surveys we also asked about: comprehensibility of voice commands, comprehensibility of the presented hands, involvement in the VR education process, indications of the metronome indicating the correctness of chest compressions. All the answers have exceeded our expectations. The VR training was rated between 4+ and 5. The important question was:

How do you evaluate your preparation for the role of a rescuer after the 4 HELP VR training?

We got very good marks here, too. And in fact, he was judging himself trained. Is that enough to get a Superhero’s chance? Of course you do. Is this comprehensive for us? Of course not. Therefore, we are already conducting research to determine the degree of preparation of the participants of our training together with the Medical University.

What’s the result? Watch us closely.