Innovation in First Aid training


We transferred the first aid training to the virtual world. It gives an invaluable experience of saving life to the injured person and increases the feeling of self-confidence in the real life-threatening situation.
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Explore the Future of First Aid Training in Virtual Reality!

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Enhance Training Quality:

Gain realistic crisis scenario simulations that participants will remember.

Attract New Clients:

Showcase your company as a leader in the field of first aid training.

Modernize Your Image:

Break away from traditional approaches – become a pioneer in the industry.



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    Our VR software offers:


    Interactive medical situation simulations.

    Put specialized VR goggles on and jump into virtual world. Our software brings you away to the place of accident, very realistic, you must act quick and help suffered.


    Realistic virtual environments

    You get clear instructions, they guide you through the training step by step. Paramedicus will be your support all the time. Follow his instructions and learn.


    Integrated tools for assessing participants progress

    Follow the Pamardicus’s instructions and achieve priceless experience. You will save life of injured person in virtual world and become a Superhero.


    Customization options for training at different skill levels

    Verify what you have learned by going through a virtual exam in which, without the help of Paramedicus, you will be able to test your skills.


    of participants of the 4 Help VR course

    Technical aspects of 4 Help VR

    Different Headsets like Oculus Quest and HTC VIVE

    Our VR first aid training software is compatible with various headset models, including popular devices like Oculus Quest and HTC VIVE.

    Integration with Laerdal Little Anne Manikin

    This enables participants to practice life-saving skills on a realistic manikin

    Access to Training Management Platform

    Our platform provides access to advanced training management tools

    Implementation Support

    We offer comprehensive implementation support to assist your company in launching VR-based training

    Increase a number of Superheroes with us