We're training with the Motopomocni - 4 Help VR - First Aid Training in Virtual Reality
Paramedicus in action

We’re training with the Motopomocni

The beginning of the year heralds the beginning of the year over good energy. Together with Motopomocnia social campaign MotoPomocni.pl, which from 2013 increases the safety of motorcyclists through education. Education focuses on motorcycle safety and riding, as well as first aid education, because of the high probability of a motorcycle being a witness to an incident.

With the help of our RKO 4 Help VR trainer we will be training motorcyclists from January to April 2019. A long time of the campaign give us the chance to train as many people as possible, so that each of them will be a rescuer on the road.

This is a tour of 20 cities in Poland. Motorcyclists, come here! And you can become a Superhero.

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Oto Fabian Matyjasik nasz Superbohater szkolenia, który uzyskał najlepszy wynik w konkurencji RKO VR. Gratulujemy.A już jutro Motopomocni i my w Łodzi.Do zobaczenia

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