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First aid – is there anything to be afraid of?

First aid. An important and widely known topic. Each of us, already at school, learns the basic principles of first aid and resuscitation. The question is, how much of this do we remember a month after class? How much in an adult’s life? Unfortunately, not much.

Imagine a situation that can happen every day. You’re leaving the house. On the way, you visit a local shop, wait in line, suddenly the person in front of you pass out. You don’t know her. You have no idea what could be causing the loss of consciousness. You’re calling an ambulance. AND WHAT’S NEXT?

Most often in such a situation we feel fear and helplessness. You’re reminded of some of the first-aid lessons, but not so well that you are able to give it properly.

Article 162 of the Polish Penal Code states that: “Whoever does not render assistance to a person who is in a situation threatening an immediate danger of loss of life, serious bodily injury, or a serious impairment thereof, when he so do without exposing himself or another person to the danger of loss of life or serious harm to health shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years.” Providing first aid is OBLIGATORY.

Now imagine that in this situation you are a person who knows what to do. Step by step, you will flawlessly implement all first aid rules, if necessary, proceed to resuscitation. Perhaps, thanks to you, this person will be able to live on. You’re a hero. You have fulfilled your human duty, YOU HAVE HELPED.

4 Help VR – first aid in virtual reality.

The problem of low effectiveness of first aid courses is the conditions under which they are delivered. Safe conditions. The trainee learns the theory and then goes on to practice. Under the supervision of an instructor, he/she performs the following steps of first aid and resuscitation. But when you face a threat in the real world, you get lost. Under severe stress, people often feel paralysed. They stop thinking logically, they are overwhelmed by fear and terror. They’re losing confidence.

4 Help VR software eliminates this problem. We have combined the basic principles of first aid and resuscitation with modern technology. First, we move you to an emergency situation, then we teach you how to provide first aid. 4 VR Help is based on software connected to VR glasses. The goal is to maximize the involvement of your senses. Focusing on the virtual reality you are in. You meet a person whose life is in danger. You give first aid. The program tracks every move you make and the virtual trainer, Paramedicus, tells you what you should do step by step.

4 Help VR is not only a first aid course, it is an experience that remains in your memory. If you were able to perform a task in a virtual reality, it is much more likely that in a real threat you will be able to repeat it effectively.